Company Background

Guangzhou HECHUANG Tianzhu Building Decoration Design Co., Ltd., the main person in charge from the building, interior space, landscape, mechanical and electrical equipment, furnishings and other fields with more than 10 years of professional experience in the design of the elite composition. From the large and complex urban complex, hotel business, residential villa area, to the exquisite characteristics of high-end clubs, sales centers, dining and entertainment, we have days colleagues colleagues successful works for the owners, customers create benefits and reputation, and Award-winning.

In this process, the establishment of our important system one by one for the user to create value. From 2012 onwards, the days of Spain together with the Spanish TAG building management company, the introduction of tourism country Spain rich design experience and mature tourism management technology, focused on serving China's growing tourism real estate and commercial real estate, and provide customers with international level , But also to the local design of gas products and services. So that every customer satisfaction, is our responsibility. In the era of interoperability, we spread the day comes from each customer, every successful work. Our design is to enhance the value of the product, our creativity is reflected in every detail, reflected in the work every day bit by bit. So that customers can perceive, so that works can be reflected.

Partners: Poly Group, Vanke real estate, urban construction group, Kaisa real estate, Dingfeng real estate, Royal Jiangnan international community, Zhaohui real estate, Mandu real estate, Long production, the Group, Banghua Group, Austrian real estate, New World Real estate (Guangzhou East Tower deepening), the Yangtze River real estate, Zhongzhou real estate and so on.